Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blessings 3 and 4

I wish I could have had two pictures but picnik was not working this morning! My second square is the pink and red hearts, this symbolizes my love for Christ and how much He loves me! He has blessed us beyond my imagination and I know I could not live without Him! My third square is for my baby sister Elizabeth. She is deaf but can hear due to having two cochlear implants blessed by God! I thought it fitting to embroider our favorite sign to each other, "I love you"! We are now relearning Cued Speech and it is coming so easy for me and Elizabeth. I am blessed to have her as my baby sister, she has taught me so much!!
~French Hen


  1. Oh Molly, this is wonderful! I'm so happy to hear Elizabeth's implants helped her! It is truly a blessing that you both are so close!... and I love the squares you've stitched! ~tina

  2. beautiful squares for beautiful blessings

    :o} paula

  3. dear Molly,
    I have been reading your blog for a while now.
    Its lovely to hear that you sis is doing well,bless her.I pray that our Lord continue to shower His blessings and grace on you and your family.
    I got a baby sis too she is 16 years younger then me .
    beautiful square.
    visit me as you get time .

  4. Just visiting the stitchalong blogs and great to see your squares - even though I should probably be working on mine! Very cute though!
    linda from andfeeling.com